Benedikt Höltgen

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Hi there, I’m Ben!

By asking foundational questions about machine learning and its use, I hope to help shaping the development and deployment of artificial 'intelligence' in a way that is beneficial and not harmful to society. Currently, I am looking into probabilistic risk scores and how the treatment of individuals is intertwined with the treatment of groups. As an ELLIS PhD student, I am co-supervised by Nuria Oliver in Alicante, where I will presumably spend the winter semester 2024/25. 

I initially studied maths (with some physics) and then also philosophy (with some literature and languages) in Munich, inevitably leading to a master's in mathematical philosophy at the MCMP. Having studied some machine learning on the side, I then completed a master's in computer science in Oxford to get a more robust foundation for ML research. I continued to work there as a research assistant with people in the OATML group, focusing on coding-heavy projects such as active learning with language models. I started my PhD in Tübingen in September 2022.

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