View of Schönbuch Forest in Tübingen We are based in Tübingen, near the Schönbuch forest (all the photographs on the site are of the environs of Tübingen).

The goal of the FMLS group is to develop new and better foundations for machine learning systems. The “systems” is essential here – machine learning is a technology which only has its effect when integrated into larger systems, which themselves are not just technologies, but include people (“socio-technical systems”).


The FMLS group sits within Department of Computer Science. It started in April 2021 when Bob joined the University of Tübingen.


The group contributes to the teaching activities of the department of computer science:

  • Beyond Fairness: A Socio-Technical view of Machine Learning.  Master's Course. Taught by Bob Williamson, Winter Semester 2021 and 2023
  • Information Theory, Bachelor Course, Taught by Bob Williamson, Winter Semester 2022. Tutors: Rabanus Derr and Chris Fröhlich.
  • Mathematics for Machine Learning, Master Course, Taught by Amando Cabrera Pacheco, Winter Semester 2022 and 2023

Research Student Supervision

We have capacity and interest to supervise both Master and Bachelor theses. We do not publish pre-defined problems, but prefer to discuss and negotiate with students who might be interested in working with members of FMLS. You can figure our general interests from this website. If interested, just reach out.

There are currently no vacancies for PhD students.